We Help Lower Your Communication Costs!

We Help Lower Your Communication Costs!

A general analysis of your telephone and Internet bills can reveal something that we all know exists, but rarely have the time or knowledge to address: overcharged calls and hiked data usage pricing. This is practically the story of every business in the US; the telephone and Internet service providing companies are raking in the moolah by overcharging its customers. Utility bills are soaring with each passing day and they are not easy to analyze as they lack itemization, include phony or inflated charges, and look indecipherable. This does not mean that there is no way out of this financial mess; Dove Communications can help you lower your Telephone or Internet bills.

  • Do you get the feeling you are overpaying for your business Internet and telephone service each month?
  • Do you find yourself paying the high rates because you may not understand the lingo?
  • Do you want to identify ways to save money each month?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then our consulting services are just what you are looking for. Our services help companies to lower their telephone or Internet bills. We do not have a magic wand to edit the bills but we definitely have a Five-Point strategy that works wonders! We carry out a thorough assessment and recommendation process to whittle down the monthly Internet and telephone bills. Let’s take a sneak peek into the process that has been widely accepted by our customers for its efficacy:

  • Assessment of the data and voice needs of the client is the first major task that we undertake. The assessment tries to underline the average monthly data consumption along with the voice calls needs. We analyze whether majority of the calls are made local, long distance or internationally.
  • Based on this assessment, we try to review and audit the current long distance, local and data invoices. We even take a look at the contracts that you have with the telecom provider.
  • We now try to identify the alternative service providers that can provide the necessary telecom services to you. We believe that it’s better to have options and then choose the best out of the lot. We have witnessed that when we request for quotes, a majority of the telecom companies provide aggressive and competitive rates. This is often 20 to 30 percent lower than the current existing contract of the company. We are vendor neutral and only choose the one that provides the best solution at the most economic rates.
  • After we are through with the assessment process, we analyze the alternative options and send our recommendation to you so you can make an objective decision whether to implement the recommendations.
  • Your monthly bills are analyzed and recommendations given as per the latest changes in the data and voice market.

Our consultation service has allowed larger companies to save thousands of dollars on a monthly basis. According to our internal analysis, we have found that a whopping 30% savings was achieved by all the companies who followed and implemented the recommendations made by our expert team.

IT and communication services are getting more complex and a variety of services like software as a service, VoIP, cloud telephony, cloud computing etc., might turn out to be overwhelming for many. The quality of the service depends on the product, location, technology, applications, etc., and we are experts in keeping track of the leaders in every field.

At Dove Communications, we are ready to take care of all the services while you concentrate on your core business. Dove Communications has the best team to review, assess and recommend the best and least expensive communication solution for your company. Carry out risk free assessment of your company’s data and voice needs – we do not charge for taking a look at your bills!

Dove Communications wants to help your business grow and curb your unnecessary telecom and Internet expenses.

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