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Dove Communications is synonymous with quality office phone telecommunication, networking and security solutions.

We are known for our unmatchable services throughout the city of Los Angeles. From phones, networking, and security solutions, we have it all!

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Surveillance Systems

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your old security surveillance system or ready to install the latest technology, Dove Communications has it all. Choose from the latest products in Analog, HD over Coax, and HD over IP.

IT Services

We are dedicated to keeping your business running efficiently and smoothly. With the right network infrastructure, productivity can increase and improve the workflow. If you are ever in need of our services on site, our technicians can be there for you in person.

Dove Phones

Communication technology is a key element in taking your business to the next level. With modern advances, businesses across the world have been positively affected by these developments with both On-Premise and Hosted/VoIP Phone Systems.

Voice & Data Cabling

Data cabling installation requires a good understanding of standards. We have been leading the industry for over 25 years in cabling installations including: CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6a, CAT7, Fiber Optics, HDMI, and Coaxial. We are proud to offer some of the best voice and data cabling services for our clients.

Access Control

Protection of businesses and private property is much more than the installation of quality locks and security guards. Private and commercial buildings that do not have a proper security infra­structure are vulnerable. Take a look at our top of the line access control products.

Carrier Services

Choosing the right ISP can be difficult when you have specific needs to be met. Let Dove Communications take the weight of the work and choose the right ISP for you. State-of-the-art doesn’t have to mean complexity.



“After weeks of trying to work with big cable/phone companies and having no luck due to horrible customer service, we finally found Dove Communications. Lydia from Dove came and met with us and right away we knew we should have been working with her from the beginning. Dove was able to help us find the best phone system for us and did all of the cabling, set up and programming. This one stop shop really was a lifesaver. I would recommend them to anyone!”

  •   Ofir and his team are great. They helped us with our new phone system for about 20 people and they're helping us with our building intercom. Honest, good pricing, and most important, trustworthy. Highly recommend

    thumb George B.

      This company is great! They always show up when scheduled, they are super helpful at every turn and their pricing is reasonable. Highly recommend Dove Communications. We had multiple problems with business telecom before Dove was involved - now everything runs like clockwork.

    thumb Danna C.

      We have an older system and they did offer to help us even though they weren't too familiar with it. It turns out it was an easy fix. and they didn't try to scam us, so when the time comes to upgrade they are at the top of my list.

    thumb John G.

      Wish there was a "10 " rating here, because these guys deserve it. They are the communications team that services the executive suites building where my office is. Ofir is the owner, and is fantastic. And I cannot say enough good things about Adam, who is one of th IT consultants on the team. I had two very pressing issues that two other external consultants could not resolve...and Adam literally fixed the issue s in a matter of minutes. These guys are nice as can be, customer centric, very responsive....and refuse to give up until their customers are happy. Of all the vendors I deal with for my firm, their customer service is right at the top!

    thumb Mike M.
  •   We have been working with Dove for over 7 years. Over the years, they have upgraded our phone systems, installed voicemail systems, rewired our entire office for data and voice, and installed our audio system and video security system in our office, as well as handling troubleshooting and the occasional configuration changes we have needed.

    Their work has always been excellent. They respond quickly when we need their help, and their pricing is reasonable. Highly recommended!

    thumb Gregory C.

      We spent over $10K for phone and data cabling with Dove Comm. When one of the jacks didn't work, not only were we charged to get this fixed when it should have been done right the first time but we got charged a dispatch fee. Be aware that every time they come out, you get charged a $65 dispatch fee. I don't know if Igal still runs the company but my opinion of this company has changed completely since the installation!

    thumb Jake N.

      We had a sudden office phone system emergency.

    Our beast of a phone system died after 10+ years of service, and our original installer wasn't answering calls or responding to email, and all our business calls had to be routed through cell phones. A horrible situation that needed to be fixed immediately.

    We tried a couple places locally, and even got estimates for a new voip system, but since we've got a contract for our lines, the voip would add more cost than replacing the phone system because of the new voip phones.

    Some places wanted $300 to just come out and troubleshoot. Dove's Igal helped me come up with a plan over the phone, they got a reasonable estimate to me, and came out in half a day.

    Their technician, Clinton, was amazing, skillful, and extremely knowledgeable, and set up our new system quickly, and even more efficiently than before.

    As of now, I'll recommend them both in terms of price, service and skills.

    We'll be calling them again if we need help with our phones.

    thumb L W.

      I called this company because I saw all of their great reviews and all of the nice pictures of Cisco equipment. When I called in I spoke to Lola and I explained that we had a Cisco phone system. After about 30 seconds of speaking with her she asked me to hold, which I did. She came back on the line and said that they no longer work on Cisco equipment.

    So, even though there's a log of pictures on Cisco phones and equipment here on Yelp!, apparently they are not in the Cisco game anymore.

    thumb Jayson L.
  •   This company is amazing! Very informative and helpful, Lydia and Adam were instrumental in the entire transition and made it seamless and smooth. City Hall is now up and running with a great and brand new phone system, thanks to Dove Communications...highly recommend for communication services.

    thumb Ray G.

      The most amazing company! The owner tried to help me on the phone when I called up before anyone ever came over to my house... when the tech arrived today my difficult phone problem was solved in 20 minutes, and both the wonderful lady on the phone and the tech were so nice, helpful and attentive... I would give Dove communications 6 stars if I could!

    thumb Peter R.

      We had Dove replace our home system with a new Panasonic hybrid system. Dove quoted me fair prices and did a great job on the project. The technician, Adam, was professional, knowledgeable, and respectful of our home. Highly recommend Dove.

    thumb Jackie K.

      Love the service and prices, great customer service, beyond my expectations. Will continue to use them for future jobs.

    thumb Lulu G.
  •   What ur co.'s done yesterday matters little to me, the customer - show me what you can do today (which in my case was inefficient work). It doesn't take a village to terminate 48 ports, ESPECIALLY when the client side has already been terminated. It was a simple panel punch down and toning. I bet if I'd asked for 10 tech, you've sent them too - what do you care, just to get paid. The first job required two techs, the second, one. And you speak of techs that have been there 10+ years. Ha! Send me those next time (wait, won't be next time), cause BOTH tech that came would have been 10 years old, 10 years ago. In the case of the first job, apparently the tech was gone after being on the job less than a year because when I asked for him, "Lola" said - he's no longer here... Humm... Coincidentally that was the one that got berated, I was there, saw and heard with my own eyes and ears...

    The quality of the work is no less nor more par with what I could have gotten elsewhere - to call it great would be like calling Toyota Corolla a high end sports car. You forgot to mention, that the first tech had the cables pulled one way, and the second decided that's not good enough and spent an almost an hour "fixing" the first tech's "mess". Neither of the techs EVER advertised their presence on the premises - huge lapse considering the charge is hourly. Both took 4 hours + to finish a job that a real 10+ tech would have done in way less time.

    One can only guess as to how good a co. is by the reviews. But flimsy one paragraph shill reviews are easily spotted by the discerning audience... That's how we weed out the chafe...

    Instead of being defensive and blaming shortcomings on the clients, fix your attitude and management.

    thumb Ed S.

      I worked with Dove Communications for many years at a previous employer and when I moved jobs, I made sure they were the first company I called for a new phone system. Ofir came in for a walkthrough and cut our phone bill from $1,200/mo to just over $200. I highly recommend them to anyone!

    thumb Sarah G.

      Dove proposed a solution to my telecom needs that saved me $ and hassle. His install team was very professional and customer service oriented. Ofir also came to my business on install day to make sure there were no issues. As a small business owner, I appreciate the follow through and attention to detail.

    thumb Chris F.

      I am very pleased with the level of service from Dove Communications. The phone system was installed with very little interruption and the follow-up has been great. Thank you!

    thumb Stephanie V.
  •   I would recommend Dove Com. to anyone. They are trustworthy, fast, and know their business. I am very pleased and I will contact them again.

    thumb Nina I.

      Our office just moved and Dove ensured there was no disruption in our communication services! I think this is the best compliment you can provide a company like this.

    thumb Ryan D.

      Igal was terrific and the tech that he sent, Clinton, was even better. Its hard to find a competent tech to deal with outdated phone system problems. One fully expects to hear how they recommend changing the whole system to a new one that they sell. That didn't happen with Dove. Problem of two dead stations was resolved with a replacement phone system installation that I provided, ( confirmed zero issues after 2 days of use) in just one hour; wow.
    Will definitely remember Dove for future needs. Highly recommend.

    thumb Glenn S.

      Relocated my business and needed to have my phone system transferred over and programmed. Contacted Dove Communications and they sent over Adam to take care of our needs. Most field technicians just come in and do their thing and just leave, but Adam was a pleasant surprise. He asked a lot of questions in regards to what I envisioned for my new space and was very informative on all things that needed to be done. Dove Communications and especially Adam helped make the moving experience as smooth as possible. Thank you Dove!

    thumb Kristian B.
  •   We recently moved offices and had to get our phone system up and running at the new location. Adam W. from Dove Communications was so very helpful and such a pleasure to work with. He went above and beyond to make sure that we had everything set up to our liking and even went as far as to clean up wiring that another installer had left a mess. When I was having problems with our phone provider later in the day, he got on the phone with them and helped me troubleshoot until the problem was solved. I will be sure to request him next time we need any help with our phones. Thanks, Adam!

    thumb Kaitlyn T.

      Unbelievable service!!! The epitome of professionalism. Knowledgeable, competent and so easy to work with. Can't say enough about their service.

    We would recommend them without any reservations!!

    thumb khuong p.

      Thanks, Clint for taking the time and solving my Panasonic Hybrid problem. You guys are great at problem solving. I'll definitely use you for any of my telecommunications issues.

    thumb Kent S.

      Dove Communications is amazing! Their customer service is exceptional and I know I can always count on their services. Their technicians are extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Dove services all 3 of our offices from LA, New York and Austin and the service is great.

    I would highly recommend their services to everyone!

    thumb Tara L.
  •   Adam can't say enough good things about him. Came, saw and fixed things with out any fuss. This is a can do guy!! Dove is a professional company I would for sure work with them again.

    thumb Lisa E.

      Amazing customer service and follow up. Igal helped tremendously and even followed up a few days later to make sure everything was working great. Definitely would recommend this to anyone looking to create a great business phone system. Thank you

    thumb Shay B.

      Best damn customer service on the planet.

    In a day and age where cell phones rule, they still get it done.

    I had office phones put in about four years ago, and I just went back to them again to do some jacks in my new house. Didn't even shop around or anything, just gave them a call. That simple. Out of curiosity, I did a little more shopping around after the fact, and they were STILL the cheapest.

    Lydia, who handles customer service, has got to be the nicest, most pleasant woman I've ever dealt with.

    thumb Tyler P.

      Dove communications installed our residential phone system over 10 years ago. Occasionally I call to add or change a feature and they always respond professionally. Today I called to see what might be more suitable as a replacement upgraded system, with all of the technology advancements in the last few years. My answer from them was what I expected, an honest one. That's worth 5 stars--my honest review for an honest company.

    thumb Bob H.
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