Cloud is No Longer a Future Business Goal, It’s an Immediate Business Need

Cloud is No Longer a Future Business Goal, It’s an Immediate Business Need

The current COVID-19 pandemic has illuminated the need to accelerate the shift to the cloud, leading to a noticeable increase in the demand for cloud-based video surveillance systems. At Eagle Eye Networks, we’ve identified several trends driving the shift from on-site video surveillance systems to cloud video surveillance solutions.

Why Business Owners are Adjusting the Playbook

Switching to remote work has presented many new challenges for business owners and operators, highlighting unexpected areas where technology improvements were necessary to continue business as usual. To compensate for the inability to physically be on-site, many turned to their video surveillance systems to remotely manage and view their business.

This presented the following challenges:

Poor image quality on mobile applications due to servers being overloaded by the number of users attempting to view video remotely.

On site DVR or NVR systems are designed to be viewed on-site and run on a desktop application. A shift from a handful of users viewing video remotely, to all users viewing remotely, can cause issues that affect an entire system of users.

Feature loss when transitioning from desktop to mobile client leaving customers without crucial features.

Features like maps, reporting, API partner integrations, and analytics are oftentimes not translated to the mobile application with traditional systems. The Eagle Eye Cloud VMS was designed with the mobile user in mind, with the same features regardless of the device you are viewing from.

Cyber security concerns when viewing video remote due to open port forwarding.

Traditional systems require port forwarding to grant users remote access to their video surveillance systems, leaving the system vulnerable. Comparatively, cloud-based solutions, like the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS, only allow outbound connections and offer end-to-end data encryption during transmission and at rest.

Our Customers’ Safety and Peace of Mind is our Top Priority!

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