Dove Phones – Yealink Tutorial Videos

Yealink Tutorial Videos

Below is a list of helpful video tutorials for your Yealink SIP-t5x phone. The example model used for the videos is the SIP-T54w phone but can still be referenced for any SIP-t5xw model desk phone which also includes the SIP-T53w, SIP-T57w IP desk phones. If you need any further assistance or more information about Dove Phones VoIP/Cloud services, contact us today!

1 - Dove Phones - Getting to know your Yealink SIP T-5x phone.
2 - Dove Phones - How to Transfer Calls on a SIP T-5x phone
3 – Dove Phones - SIP-T54w: How to Perform a Conference Call
4 - Dove Phones - SIP-T54w: How to Park a Call
5 - Dove Phones - SIP-T54w Call History

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