Is Your Business Mobile Friendly?

Now More Than Ever, You Can Benefit From Making Your Business 100% Mobile Compatible

What does it mean to make your business work on the go? If you can communicate to your employees and provide them full access to your company’s platforms AND you can reach your customers – all through their phones – you just might be a mobile friendly business. If not, contact us today and we can help ensure you have full SMS, MMS capabilities and are utilizing all the relevant mobile apps to empower your work force AND connect with your customers.

Here are some of the specifics of how to make the shift to mobile and ensure ALL you business can be “done by phone:”


Help coordinate your work force wherever they are and make your entire system more agile and modern:

1. Enabling SMS / MMS (texting and media texting) technology that connects to individual phones and your main business phone system, email accounts and computer network.

2. Utilizing phone system apps and other teamwork apps for your employees to access the company communication system while exploring new ways of company communications.


Be in touch with your customers wherever and whenever they are to improve efficiency and connect to them in a more personal and effective way:

1. Enabling SMS / MMS (texting and media texting) technology OR text-to-landline customer support to reach your customer easier. You can utilize texting to send billing/invoice information, share friendly and engaging images or graphics, send appointment reminders, share promotions/contest, send personal birthday or other relevant alerts and more.

2. Utilizing rewards or billing apps to improve customer retention and streamline appointments and orders.

If you’d like assistance in ensuring you are a mobile-friendly business, we can get you

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