Toshiba’s Strata CIX-670 IP Telephone System: Features and Capabilities

Toshiba’s Strata CIX-670 IP Telephone System: Features and Capabilities

Toshiba Strata CIX-670

Toshiba’s Strata® CIX™670 is a preferred telephone system among businesses that want to experience smooth communication without too many hassles. This popular telephone system not only unifies but also streamlines and coordinates the communications for your business. Telecommunication needs of companies are growing with every passing day and Toshiba’s Strata® CIX™670 offers comprehensive solutions to businesses around the world.

Users will be able to add valuable options such as auto attendant, voicemail, automatic call distribution, unified messaging, VoIP, call manager, Strata Net multiple system networking, unified communications along with several other options that help in improving the productivity as well as customer service.

Here is a list of the features and capabilities of Toshiba’s Strata® CIX™670:

  • The Strata CIX670 helps in integrating voice and data networking with applications solutions so as to deliver higher ROI (Return On Investment).
  • It facilitates expansion of up to 672 ports and higher with the help of networking among multiple IP systems powered by Strata Net multi-system networking.
  • It includes rich features like voice mail and voice processing, auto attendant, Unified Messaging, ASR or Automated Speech Recognition, IVR or Interactive Voice Response and TTS or Text-to-Speech.
  • It also includes call center features that facilitates answering of incoming calls with greater efficiency.
  • It even has advanced voice mail applications that can be added to include the growing communication needs of your business.

The Strata CIX670 also includes mobility solutions via the integration of wireless and cordless phones, SoftIPT softphones that facilitates complete telephone functionality while you are on the go.

The telephone system is fully upgradable thus providing protection to technology investments.

Advanced Applications

The Strata CIX670 can be connected to the Media Application Server or MAS via the LAN and several other value-added applications. MAS can be integrated to numerous other applications that can be integrated on a single platform.

Applications include:

  • Voice Mail and Auto Attendant
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Automated Speech Recognition (ASR)
  • Unified Messaging and Fax Integration
  • Call Manager unified communications
  • Text-to-Speech (TTS)
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) and ACD Reporting
  • Browser-based system administration
  • Video Conferencing, file sharing, and collaboration solutions

Flexible Configuration

The Strata CIX670 helps you to create a business communication system that your business needs today and even lets you to grow the same without any hassles. This telephone system is not only efficient but really easy to use and besides that you can customize it according to your growing communication needs.

The other Strata CIX IP communication systems available from Dove are:

  • CIX40: This supports 4-11 trunks or 8-40 phones based on your configuration.
  • CIX100: This supports up to 64 trunks or 72 phones and even combinations up to 112 trunks phones
  • CIX200: This supports up to 96 trunks or 160 phones and even combinations up to 192 trunks and phones
  • CIX1200: This supports up to 440 trunks or 1,000 phones and even combinations up to 1,152 trunks and phones

The Strata CIX family is truly hybrid. It can easily support any combination that you choose from Toshiba IP analog telephones or digital telephones, along with analog and IP network interfaces, digital Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) interfaces, and SIP trunks, and Strata Net multi-system networking interfaces.

About Dove Communications

Dove Communication is a leader in installing and supporting VoIP and IP based communication systems. From voice to video to full integration to your computerized system for data integration, we can provide all the knowledge and technology needed for you to switch over to VoIP communication. Our association with Toshiba gives us a strong edge in technology.

Toshiba’s VIPedge, their IP telephony in the cloud, has been winning awards year after year. If you phone usage is high, we can also offer your IPedge, another award winning product from Toshiba. If you have call center requirement, we have the wonderful Strata CIX. All these products are backed by powerful software as well as our installation and support capabilities.

Give us a call today for your VoIP needs.

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