Data Loss Protection

Cloud-Based and Local Backups

Did you know that small to medium businesses are a higher risk of a cyber attack or ransom than larger businesses? Have you ever thought what could happen if you were to happen to you?

It has been proven that the lack of data protection can be the downfall of any company. Today is the day to secure your network and cover your assets, and Dove Communications is happy to give you that peace of mind. Whether a server has failed, or if a business is faced with hacking, data backup of crucial files such as payroll, customer accounts, records, etc. is a MUST.

When dealing with damage control, there is risk of potential harm to employees, customers, stakeholder and even reputation with long-term effects. Legal and regulatory results also come into play.

This is why Dove Communications urges all clients to consider our backup solutions.

Why Do Servers Fail?

  • Cybersecurity breach
  • Hardware failure
  • Power surges and other electrical issues
  • Physical damage from heat, water, etc.

How Can Dove Help?

Here at Dove Communications, we offer many solutions that will assist in your managed Backup Disaster Recovery plan.

Backups can be e-managed at any location with an internet connection in case of unexpected emergencies come up. They are setup to be ran on-demand, thus ensuring minimal data loss. The data is then available from anywhere with an internet connection and can be shared with multiple users.

Simply backing up your files, network, etc. will only get you so far. In the chance of a severe cybersecurity hack, there is a possibility of losing access to your network and cloud backup. Having a strong Disaster Recovery plan allows you to quickly re-establish access to applications, data and IT resources after an attack, outage, or server failure.

Managed Cyber Security

In addition to the above, we do offer managed cyber security that may include internet firewalls, virus protection, and more. We can review your network security profile in detail and evaluate best practices to ensure optimum performance. We will assist with managing your assigned IT team to help you setup project planning, implementation and support.


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