Dove Phones – 10 Reasons to Switch to SIP VOIP Phone Lines!

Dove Phones – 10 Reasons to Switch to SIP VOIP Phone Lines!

In recent years, analog phone lines have increased in costs and offers limited functionality. SIP lines are quickly becoming the preferred choice for businesses. According to research, more than 20 percent of businesses installed SIP lines in North America recently.  Businesses who have the latest convenient features of unified communication and mobility offers an opportunity to not only save money and avoid pricey contracts, but they are able to create a backup plan for any event, as well as offers the ability to remotely access your communication efforts anywhere in the world.

See our list below for the many advantages of upgrading to SIP VoIP Lines today.

    1. Cost Savings – Save on service provider costs and, in most cases, no need to update your hardware. If you are using a Panasonic system, we would just need to add licenses.
    2. Direct numbers — Sip lines offer as many phone numbers as needed, each number can be used to call departments, private lines, or forward numbers to personal phones so employees are able to work from home if needed.
    3. Disaster Recovery – If your phone system happens to go down, there is a backup in the cloud to keep you up and running. You are even able to access full features from your phone system via a mobile app.
    4. Scalability – If your company grows or changes it is easy to make the needed edits
    5. Easily establish a local presence anywhere. SIP provides greater flexibility with the use of business numbers. Organizations can establish a local number anywhere in the world, while the calls will ring into the physical office of their choosing. It’s instant local presence!
    6. Support virtual contact centers. Sales, support, and other call center workers can be physically located anywhere when SIP trunking is used as part of a virtual contact center. This gives organizations the ability to balance the workload while calls are routed seamlessly behind the scenes.
    7. Move offices and keep the same number – SIP Trunks are not bound to a location, so it’s easy to move offices without having to change your stationary or inform your customers. There is no longer any need to pay to forward phone calls to the new offices.
    8. Unified Communications –  SIP allows access to a full-suite of communication tools such as video conferencing, mobility, instant messaging and other cloud-based tools for business productivity
    9. Mobility – Take your communications with you anywhere with any internet-based device. Work remotely via the cloud and have full access to your system via a mobile app.
    10. Network Consolidation – SIP trunking allows organization to move their data into a single network treating calls as a form of data.


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