Dove Phones – Top Five Reasons to Switch your Business Communications to the Cloud ?

Dove Phones – Top Five Reasons to Switch your Business Communications to the Cloud ?

1. We Are Your Local Partners

Dove Communications offers local installation and support for your new cloud phones. Our main office is located in central Los Angeles and we proudly work with people all throughout our area. We have a professional fleet of technicians to make your transition seamless and provide support afterward.

2. Improved Communications to Build Your Business

Cloud communication services enable the same sophisticated audio and video capabilities as even the largest players in your industry. A hosted solution allows access to modern applications like virtual audio attendant and Unified Communications, or products like voice, chat, data, technologies, and more that integrate with your phone. Companies with cloud communications improve customer service, employee productivity, and customer connections.

3. Scalable Services That Grow With You

VoIP is highly scalable and saves you money by a) Eliminating the need to predict the future and pay for services not currently required by your business. b) Providing added cost-efficiency with the ability to immediately scale up or down at the drop of a dime; c) Automate the upgrade process with contracted services to use the latest cutting edge technology at all times

4. Lower Costs

Ever hear of the idiom of throwing good money after bad? That’s what you are doing when trying to maintain an outdated phone system. Often, the investment in upgrades and service does not generate an appropriate return on investment.

5. Unparalleled Business Continuity

Smooth communications are the lifeline of any organization. Without them, you interrupt business continuity. So, what happens in the event of a power outage or emergency? Unlike traditional phone systems that rely on power for connectivity, business class cloud communications and hosted voice services continue to operate even when other services are down.

If you’d like assistance in switching to VOIP Dove Phones let us know!

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