Start The New Year Right: Top 5 Reasons (Reminders) To Switch Cloud Phones

Start The New Year Right: Top 5 Reasons (Reminders) To Switch Cloud Phones

With a new year, we are all looking forward to a fresh start.  Yet, there is still at least several more months of many businesses working from home. Similarly, even in a post-pandemic reality our business norms have shifted and remote or semi-remote work forces are surely here to stay well past the COVID-19 crisis.

Top 5 Reasons (or Reminders) To Switch To Dove Cloud-Based Phones
1) Works Seamlessly For Remote Workers & Office Staff

Moving your business to the cloud allows you to easily give workers in remote or home offices full-featured phones. These phones instantly integrate with the corporate directory, voicemail, and other key aspects of your system.
2) Mobility & Flexibility

A cloud phone system breaks down barriers by moving the on-premise phone system out of the building and into the cloud. Workers can use any device: desk phone, smartphone, or tablet, with a mobile app, or their personal computer
3) Reduce Costs & Simplify Billing

A cloud phone system minimizes charges for long-distance calls and eliminates separate landlines. It also provides a monthly invoice that includes all lines for your entire workforce, including remote personnel without long-term contracts.
4) Increase Control & Viability

Security is a huge concern within the field of telecommunications and will only continue to be crucial to a company’s ability to function. A cloud-based solution gives IT greater control over security and, where required, meets auditing and compliance requirements.
5) Enable Flexible Staffing

Most companies need to support employees who spend all or part of their time in a virtual office, or “telecommuting”. With a cloud phone system, you can easily set up remote locations or add telecommuters to support rapid or incremental growth or adapt to seasonal spikes in business.

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