Why You Need a VoIP Phone Service.

Why You Need a VoIP Phone Service.

A phone, which ranges from the old age phones with a giant receiver to mobile phones and now the recent Voice over IP (VoIP), has been an important part of our daily lives, both in business and home usage. The world has become a small place because of these phone systems, which can bring people from far-off places right to our tables in just a few seconds. The first phone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876, and after that, there has been no looking back. Researchers, with their path-breaking findings have combined it with technology that has resulted in new age mobile devices. VoIP is the new age phone system. A business without a phone would be like a fish out of water.

A business is said to be incomplete without a phone and today’s rising phone bill adds to every businessman’s woes. VoIP is the future for business communication as it is stable, economical and far better than traditional phones in every aspect.

Cost Saving

While there is no substitute to a phone call, there surely is a good substitute to mobiles and PSTN land lines. And, that is called VoIP. As compared to a mobile or land line, VoIP uses data packets to transfer calls. Thus, your VoIP calls are measured by the quantum of data your transfer. If you have a data plan that has unlimited FUP, your calls become very inexpensive. At the end of the month, you pay a fixed sum to the ISP irrespective of much data you have used or how many calls you have made.

Now you can sit on your desktop or laptop and call your associates across the country or even the world using your Internet connection. Should the other person also be using Internet or a computer? Not necessarily. Using SIP trunking you can call mobiles phones as well as land lines. This, though, may incur some costs. SIP trunking extends the features of VoIP such as Unified Communication to smart phones. You can, for example, send a spreadsheet that you want the other party to look at to his smart phone. In others words,VoIP has the power to extend it’s powerful features even if the other side is not using an IP network.

More Phone Lines and Features

VoIP business phones are the best option available to you. It is a standalone communication system which solves all your business communication challenges. With a single VoIP number you can call multiple recipients. Here at Dove Communications, we will help you get the best system that has changed the industry. Your customers will feel happy with your services as you project a high performing communication system. Stay close with your customers every day with VoIP phones.

Old PSTN lines with their limitation and costs do not make much sense any more. Now equip your business with these new age phone system and watch your business grow. With changing technology, people must change and not stick to the old traditional systems.

Professional Services From Dove Communications

Dove Communications has an in-house trained professional team who can help you with answers to all your queries as you move and start using a VoIP business phone system. Our technical team will guide you with the best phone system that can help your company adapt to new age technologies successfully. Working with Dove will make your adoption of VoIP a simple and easy transition.

About Dove Communications

Dove Communication is a leader in installing and supporting VoIP and IP based communication systems. From voice to video to full integration to your computerized system for data integration, we can provide all the knowledge and technology needed for you to switch over to VoIP communication. Our association with Toshiba gives us a strong edge in technology.

Toshiba’s VIPedge, their IP telephony in the cloud, has been winning awards year after year. If your phone usage is high, we can also offer your IPedge, another award-winning product from Toshiba. If you have call center requirement, we have the wonderful Strata CIX. All these products are backed by powerful software as well as our installation and support capabilities.

Give us a call today for your VoIP needs.

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