Dove Phones – Why Switch To Cloud-based Phones? recently profiled all the benefits of switching to a Cloud-based phone like our Dove Phones.  Per the article “One of the main draws of cloud-based phone systems is the many features they offer.”  Ten key features of cloud phones they highlight are:

1) Unified communications: Consolidates voicemail, instant message or chat, video conferencing email, web apps, social media, and more.

2) Video conferencing: Reliable and easy-to-access video conferencing solutions. 

3) International calling: Cloud phones are internet-based so there are no long-distance and/or international charges in most packages.

4) Ring anywhere: Also known as “never miss a call” or “find me, follow me,” this feature enables users to receive or place calls on multiple devices from the same number. 

5) Cloud communication: The complete bundle of services includes telephony, instant messaging and video conferencing.

6) Call forwarding: Takes calls to one number and redirects them to another line to consolidate calls to a single line.

7) Auto attendant: The automated voice menu that directs calls and reduces the communication workload of the team. 

8) Collaboration: File sharing, video/audio conferencing, real-time project contributions help people work together remotely.

9) Voicemail-to-email: Sending voice mails as an audio file to an email address allows access to voicemail without using a voice mailbox.

10) Integrations: A large number of resources can be combined into a single, accessible cloud package or suite.

If you’d like assistance in switching to cloud-based Dove Phones with all of the features above let us know!

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