Dove Communications now offers Desktop as a Service (DaaS) for your business. With improved security and better overall infrastructure, desktop as a service, otherwise known as hosted desktop services, can improve business proficiency and even save you money. Let’s go into more details about what DaaS is and how it can improve business functions.

Desktop as a Service is a delivery service in which the provider offers and manages all of your back-end systems through the cloud. This includes your servers, file sharing, device management, maintenance, data storage, security and more. Basically, we are managing your entire desktop infrastructure, keeping costs low, securing your information, and providing better efficiency for your business. Through our virtual desktop infrastructure, or VDI, you get stability as well as scalability, which means the unique foundation we build moves and expands with your business.

To make things better, everything is managed in the cloud. You have no need to worry about keeping up with on-premise servers and an expensive IT team, your employees enjoy an entirely cloud-based workplace and everything is provided by us. Desktop-as-a-Service offers numerous benefits for your business to grow and thrive, so let us help you take your team to the next level.

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