Make Some Time to Ensure Business Continuity

Make Some Time to Ensure Business Continuity

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We get it — there’s so much to do every day that you’ve barely got time to worry about the next quarter, let alone the long-term IT strategy for your business. However, one item on your urgent to-do list needs to be a business continuity plan. All it takes is a bad fire or earthquake to damage your IT infrastructure, leading to data loss and downed phone systems. Most small to medium-sized businesses can’t afford to have communications down for days or even weeks — not to mention the high costs of recovering lost information and applications. Sure, we can’t plan for every eventuality, but there are still some commonsense ways you can protect your valuable voice and data systems.

One of the best ways to ensure the security of your data is a combination of a cloud-based backup with local recovery and storage solutions. There’s no need to remember regular backups or updates, because the program runs in the background 24/7 and is automatically updated. This ensures that even the latest data is securely stored and easy to recover. The cloud-based component adds an extra layer of protection by storing your data off-site as a backup to your local copy. So, if your company server is damaged for whatever reason, you can recover the data onto a new system using the cloud backup.

In addition to data backups, we recommend setting up a phone forwarding system for when the office is closed or unreachable. Calls can be easily forwarded to alternate locations or mobile devices, so you’re still reachable and business doesn’t come to a standstill. Just imagine the loss in sales and customer trust when all they get is a “the call cannot be completed as dialed” message! It’s better to have a secondary system in place when there is an outage.

Here at Dove Communications, we believe in the importance of protecting business communications and valuable company data from the effects of flooding, fires, or any other natural disaster. So, don’t wait. Get in touch with our team of experts today!

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