Getting Ready To Open? Go Hands Free!

Have Your Offices Been Able To Stay Open During the Crisis? Or Are You Getting Ready To Open Soon?

Either way we need to take extra steps to keep our environments clean and healthy. Businesses have a handful of decisions to make about how to keep their open spaces, communal areas and hallways, elevators and stairways clean.

We know you want to make sure your employees feel they are working in a sanitary and healthy space to stay productive and positive. The quickest and most assured way is:

  • Making all doorways and entry way hands free
  • Adding keyless access control systems
  • Setup remote work environment
  • Getting cloud base phone system
  • And much more!


There are several solutions and many products to do that and we are here to help you navigate the best options for your business. Touch-free is a great solution to help return to some sense of normalcy in these uncertain times – and Dove Communications is here to help!

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