Don’t Throw Money Away on an Old System

Don’t Throw Money Away on an Old System

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We get it, it’s hard to switch to something new when you’re comfortable with what you’ve got. It’s familiar and easy, right? Well if this has been your mentality when it comes to your phone systems and you’re still operating with something older, say 5-10 years old, then you might actually be costing your business more money in the long run. Think about it! If something goes wrong and you’re using a system that has been discontinued, we won’t be able to send you a certified technician and even if we can, it could be impossible or very expensive to find the right replacement parts. Believe us, rather than trying over and over to fix your older system, just get a new one! It doesn’t pay to be operating on something that’s obsolete.

Besides, with an old system, you’re not benefitting from all of the awesome features that come with a new VoIP system such as call forwarding to a mobile device. You’ll never miss an important call again just because you were away from your desk for a moment. You need VoIP in your life! With how fast technology grows and changes, you have no idea all of the great features you’re missing out on that can make your life so much easier.

Additionally, once you’re up and running with a new VoIP system, further upgrades are so easy! We will be able to help you add new features and applications as well as update security and more literally overnight! Like we said earlier, we know that it’s easy to get comfortable with your current system so we want to make sure that when you make the switch you’re just as comfortable with your new one. We are always happy to come out and provide any additional training that you and your staff need so that you’re just as comfortable with your new equipment starting from day one.

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