Cloud & Hosted VoIP Solutions

Cloud & Hosted VoIP Solutions

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What is this “cloud” word everyone keeps using? They’ll say you should “get cloud” or “get VoIP”, without explaining how it works. In essence, Cloud Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone solutions work through an off-site network hosted and managed by your provider. Instead of going through landlines or mobile networks, your call is routed through the internet. This saves you the expense of installing and maintaining equipment to run all of your phone connections. There’s no need to manually set up new connections or remove old ones. You can easily work through our provider’s online portal and adjust your network to your staff growth and needs. This is beneficial to any size business and means that your communications network is flexible and scalable to your business.

Additionally, your VoIP line securely stores your data on your cloud system, allowing you to access your connection from anywhere and on any supporting device. This includes smartphones and tablets to connect to applications, presentations, and communication tools, allowing for more efficient working. You save money on setting remote workers up with a phone line and can dial to your extension wherever you are.

Cloud solutions aren’t for everyone, so we consult with our customers on the best communication solutions to match their current and future needs. There’s no one solution for everyone – Dove helps find the right solution, after talking with you and reviewing your IT infrastructure. Learn more about our hosted and cloud phone systems here…

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