Move Your Physical Security to the Cloud

Move Your Physical Security to the Cloud

The success of a security solution often relies on the connectivity of a variety of devices. In order for various devices to work together efficiently and seamlessly, integration is A MUST.

Two Cloud-Based Systems = Double the Benefits

Dove Communications, Inc. are proud sponsors of both Eagle Eye Networks and Brivo who have partnered together to create a tightly integrated solution, giving customers true cloud integration of video surveillance and access control.

This lets administrators access the combined functionality of both systems with a convenient single sign-on configuration.

  • Fully cloud-based
  • Ongoing support and maintenance
  • Ease of Use
  • Cyber Secure
  • Identify threats, manage risk and immediately respond
  • AI-enabled access control events and analysis
  • AI-based Surveillance Smart Video Search

Brivo Access Control Systems

When it comes to securing a property and allowing entry only to authorized individuals, access control is the solution for all security needs. Brivo access control systems enable keyless entry for employees and authorized personnel, mainly in workplaces but also in other businesses. They are perfect for establishments that grant 24/7 entry access through badges, such as gyms and yoga studios. Furthermore, childcare and healthcare facilities can use access control to provide registered individuals with time-limited entry.

Brivo access control systems are exceptional in terms of quality, customization, and user-friendliness. Administrators can manage their systems from any internet-connected device, including adding or removing users on demand as employees are hired or fired. They can also update employee access hours in response to shift changes.

Eagle Eye Networks Video Surveillance

Businesses that require access control and video surveillance can rely on Eagle Eye Networks for their business security needs. They offer a range of high-quality security cameras that can upgrade existing camera systems or work with a variety of digital IP cameras for those who want to retain their current setups. By storing video data securely in the cloud, Eagle Eye simplifies the duties of your IT staff while safeguarding your security data. This is especially useful for organizations with limited in-house tech support. Eagle Eye Networks has scalable plans that can grow with your business and has successfully protected a diverse range of sectors, including retail, restaurants, healthcare, agriculture, and more.

Integrated in the Cloud

The VMS of the Eagle Eye Security Camera is integrated with the Brivo Access Control System in the cloud, ensuring secure maintenance of the integration at all times.

Correlate Video with Access Control Events

  • Video and Event Correlation – Administrators can add references to their Eagle Eye cameras via the Brivo Access interface, so video can be correlated with events and activities from their access control system.
  • Associate Security Cameras with Doors and Sensors – Administrators can associate cameras with doors or other sensors linked to their Brivo Access account. This cross-referencing allows time-stamped events to access specific video clips from within Eagle Eye’s system.

Manage Eagle Eye Video within Brivo’s User Interface

  • View or Download Video – The Brivo Access Activity Log is one of the primary sources of event data that administrators can use to play recorded video from the Eagle Eye system. Administrators can play back the video right on the Brivo user interface or download it to their computer.
  • View Multiple Live Video Feeds – Administrators can also view a Live Feed from Eagle Eye from within the Video page in Brivo Access. Multiple live feeds can be combined into one or more matrix displays.
  • In-Context Video Search – Brivo Access users can also use the Access Video Search page to search for specific events, cameras, or time segments from any of the recorded streams in their Eagle Eye account. Using the search results and the Brivo Access timeline feature, users can see specific video segments against a backdrop of other system events, and playback or download specific segments of recorded video.
  • Mobile Access – The Brivo Access Mobile Administrator application can also be used to play back recorded video or view live streams originating in the Eagle Eye system.

Eagle Eye Networks User Interface

The Brivo Access home page also provides a convenient single-button link to the user’s Eagle Eye account. With this tool, users can immediately log into their Eagle Eye account and access the native user interface.

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