It is critical to know who is going in and out of the premises before, during and after office hours. When visitors and guests aren’t accounted for, and people come and go as they please, it leaves everyone in the building unsafe, and this can be detrimental. For maximum security and safety, we offer cameras coupled with access control capabilities, to monitor who goes in and out of the premises during certain hours and restrict access to those that are not supposed to be there during other times of the day. Key cards, codes, and keypads allow for only authorized personnel to get into certain areas. With our full range HD IP cameras, you can get detailed information about who is in the area as well.

This security system is best for schools, districts, offices, large corporate buildings, mom-and-pop shops and more. Not only does our system keep your clients, customers, students, faculty, and staff safe but it can also reduce the likelihood of theft and misplaced keys. With restrictive access and control, you are able to allow only certain people and catch any culprit with easy face identification through High-definition. Also, with modern access control, you no longer need to carry keys around. Keys are easy to lose, misplace, or get stolen, but with our secure technology, access can be done through fingerprint, passwords, PIN or even with your cell phone, so you have easy access at all times.

Our cameras and access control systems increase productivity, heighten security and can allow for more efficiency and better building management like checking for unnecessary lights and power in and around the building. The potential of our cameras and access control systems are limitless. Feel more secure in your place of work and school. Dove Communication’s innovative product line and technology include:

  • Digital keypads
  • Card readers
  • Intrusion detection
  • ntercom Systems
  • HD IP Cameras with 8k video quality and internet capabilities.
  • Cost-effective traditional analog cameras
  • And much more…

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