Business Surveillance Solutions

Business Surveillance Solutions

Surveillance camera with round face and a red light

As cities and suburbs grow and people pour into the region, businesses have growing concerns for their safety. Crime rates go up and it becomes ever more important to keep a watchful eye on your business location. This should include cameras on the outside of the building when possible and inside where necessary. Not only does this often deter criminal activity, it also provides video evidence in case something does happen. You might say, “Doesn’t that always happen to somebody else? Why would someone do something here?” But it is best to have a few solutions in place nonetheless. Video footage can be helpful in other cases as well, such as insurance claims, training purposes, and audits.

But don’t worry, your security solutions don’t have to include bulky monitors and a jungle of cables to a special security room. Dove Communications can advise you on the best IP systems to allow video to be viewed from anywhere – from your home, other business locations, vacation, or while on a business trip. This lets you check in when you’re worried and be reassured that everything is running smoothly. On the other hand, if you want something more simple, then we can install basic analog cameras that will bring costs down while ensuring dependable security. We know that the right solution depends on your particular needs and facility. As your one-stop-shop for everything IT, you can rely on us to think of your entire IT infrastructure and system. Talk to us about assessing your business, requirements, and any system integration you’d like to have set up.

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