Cloud Surveillance and AI Technology

Cloud Surveillance and AI Technology

Cloud Surveillance and AI Technology

We often hear about how rapidly AI technology is advancing in various fields, with the primary focus on tools like ChatGPT, AI-generated images, and cyber security, but have you heard about its application in cloud-based surveillance technology?

Some of our partners have been working on AI in surveillance technology for years, and it shows!

Here at Dove Communications, Inc., we are certified installers and programmers for leading cloud-based CCTV vendors like Eagle Eye Networks, Verkada, and Turing, to name a couple. All of which offer excellent AI tools, that include:

AI Event Alert Notifications

Get proactive with your cloud security system by creating AI-based alerts and receiving notifications via an app, text, or email regarding critical areas, people or vehicles of interest, license plates, and more!

Intelligent Search

Search inside your surveillance video footage the same way you search the web, using AI-powered “Smart Search” tools. This allows you to harness the power of cloud video surveillance and artificial intelligence to search for people, objects, vehicles, and more across all your cameras and locations.

Eagle Eye Network’s “Smart Search” has won several international awards, and Turing’s AI search software is also impressive.

Some of the benefits of utilizing AI-powered surveillance tools include:

  • Save time and resources when investigating an incident
  • Instantly search across all cameras and locations
  • Improve operations, customer service, logistics, and more
  • Notifications are sent in real-time

At Dove Communications, Inc., and as your technology advisors, it’s our goal to stay up to date on new and trending technologies to ensure our customers and their assets are protected. We are committed to providing peace of mind through cutting-edge technology and excellent customer experience.

If you have any questions about implementing AI-driven surveillance solutions, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

To learn more about Eagle Eye’s award-winning Smart Search, watch the video below:

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