Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting Your Business Telephone

Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting Your Business Telephone

Business telephone systems are the lifeblood of any organization that believes in providing the best services to its customers as well as wants to experience quick growth. Voice communication is still a primary mode of client interaction that can’t be substituted by websites and emails. An efficient business telephone system helps you to project a positive image for your business and customer service will become even better.

Every business needs a flexible and reliable communication system that will be able to meet all the communication needs of a growing company. In order to identify the perfect business telephone system, it is imperative that an ample amount of time is spent in researching and evaluating the communication solutions available in the market. You have to find out the system that would cater to all the communication needs of your business and in order to help you do so we have come up with the list of mistakes to avoid when selecting your business telephone solutions.

VoIP Means My Calls Are “Free”

Most business owners believe that the VoIP calls are free of any charges and that you can call landline and mobile number without taxing the company’s coffers. This is an absolute myth and you need to understand that VoIP calls are chargeable but the only difference is that the charges are lower than other telephone systems. Charges have to be considered when you are opting for a new VoIP communication solution from a provider. You have to specifically ask the provider about the charges applicable for the local as well as long distance calls. A fair idea about the charges for your calls will help you to decide on the budget and subscribe to a plan that suits your usage needs. Today, SIP trunking is available that provides an easy and cost-effective way to interact between IP circuits and PSTN lines.

Any Internet Connection Will Work

The bandwidth and the speed of your Internet connection will decide the quality of the calls that you make on a VoIP communication system. A considerable amount of bandwidth needs to be allocated on the network to handle the voice calls. Since the same network that carries the data signals is used for the transmission of voice signals. Low-speed Internet will lead to drop calls and loss of packets. Prior to migrating to the latest cloud telephony solution, check with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) whether the current connection is sufficient in handling voice signals.

VoIP Is Not Reliable And Sounds Broken

As we know that the VoIP is all about the transmission of voice signals over the Internet, so the quality of the signals is highly dependent on your Internet connection. There are a few people who believe that VoIP is not reliable and that the sound breaks up – but – that is an absolute myth. Voice quality during a VoIP call is, in fact, better than what you witness on an old telephone system. The only prerequisite is that the speed of the Internet connection is sufficient for carrying the voice signals – the speed factor is applicable to both the caller as well as the recipient.

T1’s and Analog POTS Lines Are Here To Stay

You have to realize that the days of the T1’s and Analog POTS lines are over, and within the next 5 years they will be found only in the pages of history books. Communication technology has changed rapidly over the past one decade and majority of the companies are opting for the latest communication system. If you too want to stay afloat in the era of cut-throat competition then you need to plan for the future. Adopt the latest communication technology so that you are a step ahead of our competitors.

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