URGENT: Outrageously Expensive Phone Bills? Lower POTS Line Costs Today

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URGENT: Outrageously Expensive Phone Bills? Lower POTS Line Costs Today

Have you noticed your phone bills are getting increasingly expensive? POTS or Analog/Traditional Costs are increasing at an alarming rate. Some lines are charged at over $1,000 in some areas!

Why Is this SO Urgent?

The FCC put in place an order on August 2, 2019 to officially grant telecommunication carriers permission to abandon outdated, degrading copper POTS lines.

Per this order, carriers are not only released from maintaining this critical part of the communications infrastructure, but they are also no longer required to make this an important element of telecommunication service available to consumers.

How Does this Affect You?

As a result of the Order, carriers are increasing pricing for existing POTS lines by 75% – 150% in a concerted effort to force customer migration off the outdated and literally crumbling POTS line infrastructure.

The FCC and state regulators have largely removed price caps on POTS lines. Carriers are taking advantage of this to significantly increase monthly rates. In some cases, $1,300 per line or higher. Customers are now seeing monthly cost increases of over 5x in many areas.

What Other Options Do You Have?

If your business phone system still uses traditional analog lines, we highly recommend that you upgrade to a modern VoIP phone system as soon as possible.

Our Dove Phones VoIP service is robust and feature-rich, providing you with quality service, local on-site installation, and remote support from top-tier certified technicians.

While we encourage our customers to switch to VoIP, there are some instances where Business POTS lines are still required, such as emergency phone line services, elevator emergency lines, and fax lines. However, in most cases, analog phone lines are unable to meet the expectations and needs of modern businesses. 

We are strongly encouraging customers to switch to existing POTS lines over to new POTS replacement technology.

POTS Transformation simplifies the complexity and provides a cost-effective and seamless transition that transforms all POTS devices, POTS phone lines, and anything with a POTS connection, such as security alarms and elevator phones, to digital voice service.

POTS Line Replacement technologies (aka: POTS Replacement, POTs Transformation – POTS in a Box)

  • Work when the power goes out
  • Has LTE integrated
  • Meets all National Fire Safety Standard compliances
  • Is HIPAA Compliant for fax machines
  • Is PCI Compliant

Which allows the ability to:

  • Use internet connectivity including broadband, 4G and LTE
  • Be attached to an SD-WAN device for redundancy
  • Most have built-in 4G/LTE wireless backup slots and SIMs
  • Most have highly reliable faxing capabilities
  • E911 calling

What are the next steps?

  1. Customers should transition existing POTS lines for specialty POTS services ASAP to remain in compliance for:
    1. Alarm Systems
    2. Elevators
    3. Fire Panels
  2. The National Fire Protection Association recommends that all new fire alarm systems be digital systems and that existing analog systems be upgraded to digital systems as soon as possible.

What is a POTS Line?

POTS stands for “plain old telephone service,” and is what everyone knows as their traditional landline phone system that uses analog voice transmission through copper wires. These wires provide power and connectivity to the provider’s switching system.

Before VoIP rapidly grew in popularity and in necessity, POTS was known as the regular phone line that everybody used.

How does a POTS line work?

The network switch “listens” to the tones that have been dialed and interprets the phone number as the location you want to reach. Then it routes your call through one or several switches until it finally reaches the person or company you want to call.

The most important part here is that POTS has to keep the calling switches open for the whole conversation, so the electric impulses can travel from one device to another.

How Can Dove Help?

Our approach is to educate our clients and to just get ahead of the curve & inform our customers that the date has passed, but we have several options to solve for the price shock and technology change. We also offer solutions that meet Fire & Safety Compliance needs.

Contact us today for a free assessment of your current POTs lines. We’ll be happy to assist with the best options for your needs.

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