High Definition Security Cameras

High Definition Security Cameras

It is really interesting to see the increase in the popularity of security cameras both in the residential complexes as well as business centers. People now understand the importance of this device and the benefits that it can provide. Even a few years back we only had digital security cameras, but, in the last 3 to 4 years, we have been introduced to the next generation of security cameras called HD cameras. These cameras seem to have given us a chance to explore videos from a completely new angle.

Analog Cameras

As it is with any other imaging device, the analog cameras have a sensor that not only captures the image but also provides a variety of resolutions. Though the resolution varies, it is limited to 720×575. 720 pixels is the horizontal resolution and 575 is the vertical resolution. The video is generally captured at the intervals of 60 (usually called fields) and is then transmitted back to the receiver. The frame consists of two such fields and is also called interlaced transmission.

A coax cable is used for getting the video out from the CCTV camera on to the recording and the display device. You can also use a CAT5e cable with an adapter. To maintain compatibility with analog televisions, the signalling complies with the standard television broadcasting formats.

HD-SDI cameras

HD-SDI or High Definition Serial Digital Interface is the latest video interface that is run by the SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers) and at the same time upgrade to the SD-SDI (Standard Definition Serial Digital Interface). An HD-SDI camera facilitates the streaming of megapixels in a standalone DVR. HD-SDI even provides the ability to upgrade the system sans the coax cables.

IP-HD Cameras

IP cameras are turning out to be more popular with the advent of HD or High Definition video resolutions. Megapixel is a phrase that is often associated with the IP cameras. However, not all cameras are megapixel, but it is an appropriate term as the video signal from the IP camera is transmitted through the network in digital form, which means the NVR (Network Video Recorder) does not require decoding the video to digital format.

Your DVR is capable of providing standard definition video to the monitor. Higher video definition can be achieved when you upgrade your DVR to an NVR or Hybrid system to handle IP cameras.

All these cameras and their supporting electronics are available at reasonable rates. Every business, irrespective of your size, can install these cameras and protect your business. Home owners enjoy the same peace of mind, at affordable prices.

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