Are Security Camera Systems Effective?

Are Security Camera Systems Effective?

The rise in crime and burglaries all over the world compels us to take a second look at the security systems we install at our office, residences and business centers. It is not only business or commercial properties which require good security; homes too need good security. To avoid crime and theft, it is important to take available security options under consideration.

One of the popular effective methods of providing security in the home as well as the workplace is CCTV cameras. CCTV surveillance cameras act as active threats to thieves and help you gather evidence for conviction. These systems have undergone immense development and made it possible to connect cameras with literally any display device including your smartphones, tablets, etc. You can also receive security footage through the Internet irrespective of where you are.

Home security cameras come in different types.

HD Cameras: High Definition, or, HD camera, come with the capability to capture full 1080P video signals. These cameras have up to 24 infrared LEDs and noise reduction technology that provide clear vision up to 80 feet in complete darkness, and up to 120 feet in ambient lighting.

PTZ Cameras: Pan, Tilt, Zoom, or, PTZ Cameras are mostly installed on ceilings and give a wide coverage. Using a joystick, an operator can pan, tilt or zoom the camera for greater details. PTZ cameras are useful for crowded areas, gatekeeper functions, auto tracking, etc.

Thermo Cameras: Thermographic cameras, or Thermo Cameras, are cameras that

are sensitive to heat, and form an image using infra-red imaging. These cameras are useful in night vision, building inspection, law enforcement, medical thermography, non-destructive testing, chemical imaging, and pollution control.

Home security cameras are of immense help to residents, security agencies and police. Some of the areas where CCTV cameras can be of help are listed below.

  • Evidence: If any crime is committed and the camera has recorded the crime, it is extra evidence which can be produced in a court of law. The video footage will help the court and the police to take necessary action.
  • Solve crime: If any criminal activity is caught on CCTV camera, the same can be produced to the police and other law enforcement officials. With the video and picture of the criminal, it will become easy to catch the criminal and solve the issue.
  • Keeping an eye on children: With CCTV surveillance system installed at home, one can monitor children when adults and guardians are away from home.
  • Protect staff at work: CCTV cameras can protect staff from all kinds of violence. Not only this, but it also protects them against false accusations of misbehavior.
  • Efficient traffic management system: CCTV can also help in maintaining traffic system. The live status of the traffic can be viewed from a control room and necessary steps taken for the smooth running of traffic.

Other than these uses, CCTV can also be installed outside a door and connected to a monitor inside so as to find out who is entering the house or knocking at the door.

The prime motto of CCTV camera is to provide security and safety and stop unwanted activities and also helps police in their investigations. Here are some real-life examples where CCTV cameras came out to be handy in security.

One incident occurred when Levent Centiner, a New York City resident was at his office; he started receiving live images from his IP wireless camera which was installed with motion detection. He called the police and the intruder was caught then and there.

Another incident occurred in Texas where a courier worker was caught on CCTV camera while he was stealing an iPad. There was a CCTV camera installed to monitor the front door and recording was also provided. A review of the video footage showed the theft clearly. When the courier company refused to respond to calls from the house owner, the video was loaded on YouTube. The iPad was returned promptly.

Here are some features of CCTV cameras which can really extend the security and safety to a greater extent.

  • Camera with live feed and instant email or text alerts.
  • Motion detector embedded with security camera.
  • Camera which produces high quality images.
  • Cameras installed on both entry and exit points.
  • A night vision CCTV camera that can work in low lights.

Installation of basic CCTV camera does not cost a huge amount of money. The key equipment necessary for installation are the camera, a monitor and a recording device such as a DVR. The DVR writes all recording onto a hard disk. And then you need a communication system to connect all of these.

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