A common misconception is that IP surveillance cameras offer high definition and optimum clarity when it comes to capturing videos. While some do offer HD, many regular IP cameras have poor visual quality when it comes to camera technology. The term “IP”, which stands for “Internet Protocol” means that the camera can be connected through a network cable into your computers, that term has absolutely nothing to do with the actual quality of the cameras themselves.

While most traditional IP security cameras record color videos and offer standard night vision, many of these cameras struggle with capturing depth and clarity in low light conditions. Often, they’ll automatically shift to black and white once the light level falls, resulting in a loss of fidelity. This results in critical aspects of the video, such as facial details and license plate numbers, becoming obscured or just completely blurred out.

Color night vision IP cameras offer superior low-light operations, or what some refer to as color night vision technology, to capture video and images in dark conditions with enhanced clarity. This system of cameras utilizes a wide dynamic range to color balance the images and IR illuminators to properly expose the image when in low-lit areas. Starlight sensors enhance the night vision technology to deliver crisp, sharp colors and details. Even in pitch-black darkness, it can still capture high-quality, detailed images and video. Combined with video surveillance, these cameras allow you to conveniently monitor your area on HD screens in full color and details. The wide range of benefit of these full-color IP cameras include:

  • Detailed, high-quality color video and images in low-light conditions
  • Reduced graininess in video quality
  • Can be installed in or outdoors
  • Can be tailored to meet your organization’s building or campus
  • Discreet and hidden from view
  • Affordable and good investment

At Dove Communications, we offer CCTV and advanced surveillance technology systems with features from color night vision to face recognition, access control, and more. Contact us today, for more information.

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