Advantages of Cloud Based Telephony

Advantages of Cloud Based Telephony

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VoIP is quickly becoming the standard for corporate communications in the US. VoIP saves money, has a number of productive features, and integrates your telephone system with your backend computer system. Working on the same LAN that carries your data across your office and to the outside world, VoIP allows you to improve your communications by several degrees. With features that were as of recent only available with a high-end call or contact center, VoIP helps a company answer calls professionally, never miss a call, and keep its customers satisfied. With features such as presence and find-me, follow-me, the phone systems can trace and transfer the call to you irrespective of where you are. With mobility extended beyond the office through your smartphone, you will always be in touch and contactable.

One of the effects of VoIP is the way employees and companies are looking at a distributed workforce. Unless you are part of a production floor, where your physical presence is needed, many of the tasks you do daily can be done from home. Using your office VoIP, and with an Internet connection, you can be in touch with your colleagues and your customers at all times. If needed, you can initiate a video call and discuss issues ‘face to face’.

VoIP comes in two types – (1) as an IP PBX that you install in your office and (2) as a service through a cloud telephony system. Each has its own merits and value. What we will discuss in this article are the benefits of hosted and cloud telephony systems.

The Concept of Cloud Telephony

Cloud telephony works as a ‘SaaS’ or Software As A Service. In this case, it is a telephony system and not any software. A company such as Toshiba installs it’s best VoIP IP PBX on a world-class data center, and allows you to use all its features for a monthly charge.

Toshiba’s cloud telephony system is called VIPedge. Let us look at the advantages it provides.

  • Rock Solid Installation. VIPEdge is a networked IPEdge(s) installed in a world class data center. The data center has been built to be literally impregnable with hardware, software and physical firewalls. Power back is provided with a generator system that can keep the data center running for over 2000 hours. Multiple T1 lines are used with enough redundancy to never fail.
  • Fully Scalable. Since VIPEdge is a networked system, Toshiba can scale you from 1 connection to a 1000 literally in no time.
  • Highly Configurable. With browser based control management, configuring your connections is easy. Decide which employee will get which features. Use the control management application to set configuration for an individual, group of people, or a whole department.
  • Over 100 additional features covering call processing, messaging, and Unified Communications.
  • Celebrated voice clarity that Toshiba is known for.
  • Prices starting at as low as $1 per user per day.
  • Over 400 simultaneous calls – enough to take care of all your calls.
  • Over 12,000 one touch programmable buttons.
  • Over 4000 hours of messaging storage averaging 75 hours per user.
  • Intelligent and prioritised call routing with auto attendant.
  • Full mobility. Use Toshiba’s wireless capabilities to extend mobility within the office. For out of the office connectivity, use Toshiba’s applications on your smart phone to have full mobility. This has now been extended to Apple’s iOS 7 also.
  • Unlimited local and long distance minutes. Inexpensive international calls with choice of network under your control.

We will discuss more details on VIPEdge next month, now that we have laid the groundwork for describing the powerful features provided by this world class cloud telephone system.

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