Computer Networking, Why Do it?

Computer Networking, Why Do it?

Computer Network Concept Graphic

Does your business require that all of your employees have access to certain common files or documents? If you have more than a handful of employees then you might be able to gain some pretty great benefits from setting up a computer network. By keeping all of those documents saved in a centralized network, you can free up a lot of space on individual computers and always ensure that each employee has the most up-to-date version. What are some other good reasons to create a network?

You can save your business money as well when you connect not only your office computers to a centralized network, but other hardware too like printers and scanners. Now instead of each employee having a printer directly connected to their computer, they can send documents to print over your network to shared printers. You can also seriously increase efficiency when your employees are able to take information with them to a meeting on their tablets and then seamlessly transfer it over to their desktop computer. Not to mention easy access to customer files whenever they’re needed.

Work with Dove Communications and we can make sure you get what you need whether it’s simple Wireless Service, Peer-to-Peer or Client-to-Server we will get you set up with all of the Hardware and Software you need as well as provide your technical support so that you’re always running smoothly. Learn more today!

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