Modern VoIP Features Explained – IP Mobility

Modern VoIP Features Explained – IP Mobility

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Last month we spoke about the interface between phones and computer systems. We explained how the interface is helping organizations improve their communication methods. This month, we will take a look at IP mobility: what it means and how it works.

The concept of sitting at a desk all day long is losing its charm. There is an emerging trend where we are seeing many employees telecommuting, working from home. So how does the employer keep their staff diligent, answering calls, and keeping their customers happy all the time, and while possibly away from the office? In two simple ways – (1) give them universal mobility, and (2) allow them to connect from anywhere.

What is universal mobility? We will use the follow scenario to best explain: A senior executive gets an important call from a client. He is, at that moment, away from his desk and on the manufacturing floor reviewing new product samples. While in the midst of his product inspection, he receives an urgent call.

With IP mobility, the executive will be able to take this call without issue. Let us explain how. If the distance of your manufacturing floor is near your desk, you can simply use specialized cordless phones to answer your calls. If you have a large office, Toshiba and Panasonic offers SIP DECT which is an in-building wireless solution that can extend to any distance. Each DECT station can cover up to 300 feet, and using up to 40 DECT stations, you can cover 200 handsets. Each DECT station supports multiple calls and, using special protocols, ensures that all calls are clear and without interruptions. The calls cannot be eavesdropped upon, and it does not interfere with Bluetooth, WiFi, or cellular services. The beauty about DECT is that you get all the features of the desk phone on your cordless phones also.

Now let’s explore a second scenario. This same executive is just leaving his office for the day, and is on his commute home. Again, he receives an urgent call from one of his clients. Again, the executive is able to take this call with ease, away from his desk and in his car. How does he do it? IP Communication on his smartphone. Toshiba offers a free application that runs on Android or Apple iOS. With this application installed, your smartphone becomes a full-fledged extension to your IP communication system. As long as you have data connection, you can make and receive calls from your smartphone. You can also see the status of your colleagues, get visual voice mail, and have instant and group messaging.

You can also synchronize your smartphone and desk phone. With this, your calls can go to both desk phone and smartphone or directly to your smartphone. You have the flexibility of answering using whichever end point you like.

IP user mobility gives you the flexibility of handling your IP calls from around the office, in your car, at home, or anywhere.

  • With IP User Mobility, your profile and customizations are portable. You can log in using any IP capable phone, and your caller will not even know where you are.
  • Roam anywhere in the building with cordless phones or headsets.
  • Get desktop features anywhere with wireless SIP DECT phones.
  • Get all the features of an IP phone system anywhere you have an IP connection.
  • Use Apple or Android smartphones for universal mobility.
  • Synchronize all your end points to be reached with one number, ID, or IP address.
  • Use WiFi equipped laptop or tablet and our special software to simulate our desk phones.
  • Use WiFi equipped laptop or tablet to manage your calls even when you are not in the office.
  • Use IP portability to log in from any part of the world.

IP communication not only saves money, it also gives you a host of features such a mobility to make your communication professional and pleasing. Through this technology, companies are able to support employees who telecommute, or are just on a daily commute home from the office. It allows both employers and employees to work more efficiently, and address business in real time.

Call the IP mobility experts at Dove Communications to learn more about integrating this diverse technology in your office.

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