Toshiba has made video applications virtually as easy to use as a traditional telephone, and because it’s compatible with Strata® CIX™ system and telephone handsets, VCS™ offers a very affordable entry point into video communication and collaboration.

Fully integrated with the Strata CIX systems including multiple systems networked via Strata Net

Video–Friendly and easy to use automatic interface, allows users to see, hear and interact with each other, without having to click a mouse or push a button to start or stop their video communication.

Collaboration–The Video Conferencing Solutions collaboration console enables Strata users to share their desktop, applications or documents. Users can collaborate on projects or workgroup discussions and can edit the same materials during their voice communication session (independent of video).

File Transfer–The VCS File Transfer console enables easy sending/receiving of files during collaboration sessions. Message Board–An easy to use Message Board console enables VCS users to type text messages during collaboration sessions


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