Computer Telephony Integration(CTI)

  • Combine the capabilities of your computer and telephone into one powerful communication tool. Call control from your PC gives you the ability to dial, answer or transfer calls, and more, using your mouse without ever picking up the telephone.
  • Drag and drop features makes call transfer, speed dialing, and other functions faster and easier
  • Personal call handler uses events, conditions, and actions to handle incoming calls the way you want including routing and screening of calls, selective call forwarding, screen pops of incoming calls, voice mail notification, and more
  • Outbound dialing from any application makes calling easy with a click of the mouse
  • Launch electronic documents, applications and web pages directly from the Net Phone interface for quick access to the most frequently used communications tools
  • Chat instant messaging enables instant communications with any user, broadcast message to multiple users, and simultaneous Chat sessions
  • Presence capabilities let users see the availability of co-workers and quickly relay and transmit important information to best serve your customer through an easy, intuitive interface
  • Preset control buttons enable you to dial numbers or extensions, launch applications, view automatically generated screen pops of caller information and more
  • Call history provides a log of incoming and outgoing calls that you can print, search, sort, and redial with one click
  • Call notes follow the call wherever it’s transferred so callers don’t have to re-answer the same questions
  • ACD login/logout, supervisor functions and ACD Viewer through built-in integration with Strata® ACD
  • Recording control through built-in integration with OAISYS® Tracer product.


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