The IPedge® system is an advanced pure IP platform that provide sophisticated business communication features. The IPedge system performs call processing, voice mail, unified messaging, media processing that includes conferencing and paging, meet-me conferencing with web collaboration, centralized management, Call Manager unified communications, and more.

IPedge uses Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.4 for the base operating system that provides a high level of scalability and security. IPedge is a software centric Unified Communications platform designed for customers who want to deploy on an all IP network infrastructure to realize the savings of managing a single network. Networking between IPedge servers and/or Strata CIX systems is enabled via IPedge Net using one IP address. The IPedge solution is easy to install and is available in three different sizes depending on the number of users, applications, and conferencing needs..

Call Processing – IPedge provides the basic and advanced call processing features with a single IP interface.

Voicemail is built in and can be configured as either a single centralized voicemail system for the entire enterprise or as a distributed voicemail system for each site.

Unified Communications – UC is built in and provides Call Control from PC, Chat and Presence on the desktop (Call Manager)

  • Meet-me Conference and Web Collaboration – Available on EC and EM systems only.
  • Having a built in conferencing and web collaboration eliminates costly monthly subscription fees. The integrated conferencing and web collaboration tool boasts an extensive list of features including the following all on a simple and easy-to-use GUI.
  • On Demand Conferencing
  • Scheduling One-time calls
  • Scheduling Recurring calls
  • Web-based Reporting
  • Telephony User Interface (TUI) for Moderator and Participants
  • Centralized Management for multiple sites – The Enterprise Manager resides on the IPedge

Server and enables an administrator to manage all trunks and stations in all the servers of the enterprise, using one consolidated view. From one central location, the administrator can backup and restore configurations of all sites, and update the firmware on any or all phones in the enterprise.

IP Edge EP Server:
Supports 8-40 users

IP Edge EC Server:
Supports up to 200 users

IP Edge EM Server:
Supports up to 1000 users


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