Toshiba Cordless Phones: DKT2404-DECT

DKT2404The DKT2404-DECT is only compatible with Strata CIX.


All it requires for connection is a digital station port.

  • Two-line LCD with 24 character display, plus one line for icons
  • Ringer and handset volume control (or vibrate)
  • Single button access to: Conference/Transfer, Hold, Redial, Message
  • Four programmable function buttons plus four speed dial buttons
  • Charging stand (with spare battery charging capability)
  • Wall-mountable base and charging units
  • Headset jack (2.5mm)
  • Three ring tones
  • Handsfree speakerphone operation
  • Repeater option for extended range (optional Repeater Programming Kit for daisy chaining Repeaters)
  • High quality ultra-secure speech with 32Kbps Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation (ADPCM) voice code combination.
  • Fully charged, the DKT2404-DECT provides 16 hours of talk time and seven days standby time.
  • DECT 6.0 1.9 GHz spread-spectrum technology provides unsurpassed range, several times greater than conventional analog or cordless digital telephones


Toshiba Wireless SIP DECT IP4100

The Wireless SIP DECT IP4100 Empowers Mobile Workers

  • Growth flexibility up to 200 handsets and 40 access points
  • Support of 8-10 simultaneous call sessions per base
  • Seamless roaming between bases in a multi-base configuration
  • Single base or multi-base configuration providing coverage and expansion as needed
  • True on-site mobility that improves efficiency and productivity
  • Over-air base synchronization, which provides extended wireless coverage
  • Crystal-clear speech, seamless handover and secure air interface through secure encryption


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