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What are On-Premise Phone Systems?

On premise PBX phone systems are traditional telephone systems where the main control unit resides onsite at your location, usually in the telephone room or server room. These phones use telephone jacks in the wall.

Pure VoIP on premise phone systems are VoIP systems where the processor unit (system brain) resides on premise. Those systems support VoIP phones, VoIP SIP Trunks, PRI and Analog lines and connect multi site phone systems using VoIP Integration. Among the latest on Premise VoIP phone systems are Toshiba IPEdge , Panasonic NS1000, and ATT Synapse. These phones use the data jack in the wall and use your local network.

Hybrid on Premise business telephone systems support VoIP phones as well as traditional digital phones. These systems can use the same wiring as older phone systems eliminating the need to rewire. Hybrid systems integrate the existing devices as door phones, and paging systems. Hybrid phone systems dial tone can be delivered using traditional lines, Digital PRI (Primary rate interface) service, or VoIP SIP Trunks. Such systems include the Panasonic NS700, Panasonic TDE, and Toshiba CIX.

On premise phones systems also support the latest features, such as unified communications, automated attendant, call recording, VoIP communication, unified messaging, and computer telephone integration CTI.

What are Cloud/Hosted VoIP Phone Systems?

Cloud VoIP phone systems are telephone systems where the main processing unit is not installed at the clients premises. The only hardware at the premises is the VoIP phones and network equipment.

The VoIP phone processing unit is hosted in the cloud. The main processing unit is located in remote data centers. The clients VoIP phones communicate from the local network with the data centers through the public Internet or through private networks.

Cloud VoIP phones offer a lot of flexibility for today’s modern workforce. The phones can install at multiple locations and include advanced features such as Unified communications, automated answering, call recording, mobile phone support, computer telephony integration (CTI), instant messaging, and Video conferencing.

The up front cost is relatively low as clients pay monthly fee for the phones which include the dial tone cost.

There are many hosted VoIP providers at the market place. Among the leading VoIP providers are: Ringcentral, Vonage Business, Mitel, Telepacific, Nextiva, and Toshiba.

Common VoIP phone manufactures include Cisco, Panasonic, Yealink, Polycom, Toshiba

When converting to VoIP phones it is very impotent to make sure that your network is ready to support VoIP communications.

Some VoIP phone provider will connect your phones to the cloud using the Internet where quality of service (QOS) is not monitored. Other providers will connect the VoIP phones to their data centers using their network where they monitor the Quality of service and therefore guarantee the quality of the phone calls.

Dove Communications has relationships with all the major players. We will work with you to find the right solution for you.

It is a good idea to order VoIP phones from a local vendor like Dove Communications. Local vendors can assess your network, help you to install and setup the network, negotiate great pricing and support you on site when issues arise.

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What are the different ways to deliver dial tone to your on premise phone system (Analog/PRI/VoIP SIP Trunks).

Modern on premise phone systems take advantage of traditional analog lines as well as VoIP dial tone.

Analog lines are the traditional method of delivering dial tone. Each analog line is a phone number, and serves as an outgoing or incoming call. When ordering analog lines you want to think about how many simultaneous incoming and outgoing calls you expect to have to determine the amt of lines you need.

Primary rate interface (PRI) service is a digital service delivered to an on premise phone system using existing copper wiring or fiber optics. PRI service is dedicated service provided by local Internet/phone providers. Each PRI circuit can carry up to 23 simultaneous calls (channels) and is delivered with quality of service (QOS) to insure the quality of phone calls. The service comes with Direct Inward Dialing (DID) which allow to direct different phone numbers to different phones, automated attended, and forward to outside numbers. You can choose the amount of channels that you want and also each channel is not tied down to a phone number like traditional analog lines. You can get bundles of numbers which generally come in bundles of 20.

Sip trunks are voice over ip protocol (VoIP) lines delivered through the network to devices and on premise phone systems. SIP TRUNKS can be delivered through the Internet or through provider networks. When delivered through the provider networks the provider monitors quality of service (QOS) to insure the calls quality. With SIP trunks, you will have to determine the simultaneous calls to determine the amount of sip trunks that you will need to order. As far as phone numbers, these will be assigned similar to PRI where they are not tied down to a line or trunk but you can order in bundles. SIP TRUNKS can deliver as many phone numbers (DID) as needed. An on promise phone system, each number can be programmed to direct calls to different locations as reception desk, direct exts, voice mail, and forward to outside numbers.

The goal is to find the right service for you. Dove Communications partners with all the major providers to provide phone and internet service. We can price different options, negotiate competitive pricing, and work with upper management.

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Should I upgrade to On Premise phone system or Cloud VoIP phone system?

Each client has his unique telecommunications needs to fit his company needs. Buyers should explore the different options as a phone system is the key element of communicating within the office and clients. For some, on premise phone systems are the way to go, for others a Cloud VoIP system will be the better option.

Here at Dove Communications, Inc. we strive to find the best phone system for you. We are dealers of leading manufactures as well as partners with leading hosted VoIP providers. Some of the evaluation questions we ask are:

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My Internet is slow. Can you help?

Yes we can! Dove Communications partners with all the major service providers. We can get pricing for phone service and Internet service. Dove Communications can quote a few different providers in your area and negotiate competitive pricing. We work with upper management so we can get answers quicker. We will evaluate your current Internet speed and your future needs such as, cloud backup, and remote services.

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