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We work with the latest products and the biggest brand names. We offer security camera access via the cloud. This gives you the ability to access your footage anywhere in the world, heighten your security, customize user accounts, and eliminate bulky hardware and extra costs.

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The DVR (Digital Video Recorder) is the heart of your CCTV Surveillance system. The most important things to look for when purchasing a CCTV digital video recorder. When you view live CCTV images that are produced via your DVR and displayed on your monitor the images will usually be very clear.

As NVR recorders receive a pure digital signal from the cameras, video quality is better than compared to a DVR at the same resolution. In addition, as Ethernet cables carry audio, all cameras with microphones could record audio to the NVR


We provide full range of security cameras installation including IP cameras installation, HD cameras installation and cloud video surveillance cameras installation in Los Angeles.

HD IP Cameras

High definition IP cameras can capture 8K video, but they need an IP Network to transmit and receive commands. HD-IP cameras generally consist of the camera, digital Network Video Recorder (NVR), CAT5e patch cables, network switch and power.

HD IP Cameras & Security Wifi Networks Los Angeles

HD Over Existing Cabling

Distributing HD over coaxial cabling often allows the use of existing cabling, substantially reducing labor. This is accomplished using RF modulation of the source‐ a technique that’s been around for some time, but has recently made the leap to HD.

Traditional Cameras

Analog cameras are used in a number of places such as stores, malls, gas stations, homes, hotels, apartment complexes, banks etc.

Tradational Cameras Wifi Networks Los Angeles


Hikvision Smart Pro Series cameras feature the industry-leading technologies discussed previously while offering a diverse range of styles to complement Hikvision’s Specialty Camera Systems, to provide robust capabilities for any application, guaranteeing that our customers can find a camera solution to meet any site requirement without compromise.


Exacq offers video encoders to easily integrate existing analog cameras with an exacqVision IP security system. The Illustra line of IP cameras combined with exacqVision recorders provide the easiest high definition video solution.

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