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A new form of communication for every situation. Transformative. Versatile, Affordable.

Why Dove Phones?

Dove Communications is very well connected. By offering traditional as well as hosted PBX systems, we can tailor a telecom solution to your exact requirements. We take the time to understand your position before encouraging either phone choice, allowing you to make the call.

Dove VoIP Cloud Phones Offers You A Powerful Way To Keep Your Business Connected

What's VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol, or “cloud” phone, brings the traditional telephone to the internet. Parting with traditional PBX systems in favor of modern-day Internet technologies helps speed up phone connection times, automate multi-line phone loads, and reduce the costs of commercial phone solutions.

Benefits of Dove Phone VoIP

Local Partners

Dove Communications is located in Southern California, and we have a professional fleet of technicians to make your transition seamless and provide high-level support afterward.

Improved Unified Solutions

Cloud communication allows access to modern applications or products like voice, chat, data, technologies, and more that integrate with your phone.

Scalable Services

VoIP is highly scalable and saves you money and gives you the ability to immediately scale up or down at the drop of a dime.

Lower Costs

Ever hear of the idiom of throwing good money after bad? That’s what you are doing when trying to maintain an outdated phone system.

Unparalleled Business Continuity

Business class cloud communications and hosted voice services continue to operate even when the power or other networks and services are down.

Dove Phone Features

Zero Configuration
Set up in minutes and users can begin working instantly with just an internet connection and their preferred device.
Make and take calls right from the Dove Phones interface and access a comprehensive menu of features in your phone.
Chat with one or multiple users across the entire organization with the click of a button through.
Visual Voicemail
View and manage voicemails on a single screen, including convenient visual message transcriptions and voicemail to email capability.
Enterprise Contacts
Access enterprise contacts automatically and start calls, meetings, or chats with the click of a button.
Start and conduct full video experience meetings with one or multiple participants and with guests inside or outside of your company
Share screens for meetings and collaboration. Share one screen, multiple screens or several browser windows.
Set up meetings for a future date and time through a consistent, personalized meeting URL that can be used at any time.
Presence Management
Automatically indicate whether a user is on a call or hosting a meeting so employees can tell at a glance when their coworkers are available.
In-App/Browser Notifications
Receive instant notifications for missed calls, voicemails, and chat/SMS messages.
Call Recording
View, listen, search & download call recordings directly inside the phone.
Call History
See calls over the previous 90-day period. Multiple filter options help quickly sort and manage activity.

Upgrade to Dove Phones Today

Dove Communications has the experience, staff and tech savvy knowledge you need to secure you what matters most to you. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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