Inside the U.S. there are now hundreds of people who have been infected with the Coronavirus as citizens from coast to coast are fearing what may lie ahead with the biggest global health pandemic in almost 20 years.  Earlier in the month Forbes Online published an article Teleworking During The Coronavirus Outbreak – Could It Save Lives? which outlined “the 5 key success factors that organizations need to keep in mind, either when considering a new remote-working policy for contingencies or ensuring that current policies work to deliver results.”  Among those 5 factors was this:


Digital technology

It is one of the most vexing scenarios: gearing up for a video or long-distance teleconference and experiencing sub-standard technology, difficulty connecting, micro-cuts, and so on. As a number of parallel platforms have emerged in addition to, or with the aim of replacing e-mail, organizations are adopting them to different levels. Having a team-level agreement on which tool to use when, and the rules of communicating and responding to communication after hours is vital.”


Similarly, ComputerWorld last week published an article “Coronavirus (and 5G) will boost telecommuting, change our tech future” which highlighted similar points but focused on 5G technology as assisting with the improvements in tele-communications.


So the question is: Is your office set up with proper video conferencing phone systems that will help make telecommuting a smooth transition and effective possibility for your company?  The opportunities with having this technology goes far beyond dealing with this health crisis or even helping a new generation of employees tele-work.  
FIRST -> We specialize in video phone systems and other VoIP phones that help improve your company’s ability to effectively communicate and stay connected. Employees can now work and collaborate  from the comfort  of their home. Users can install their office desk phone at home, or they  use a mobile app to connect anywhere.  Companies now can celebrate anywhere using  chat, SMS, video conferencing, and screen sharing.  
We work with all the major providers and ease the transition to the cloud VOIP phone systems. Call today and we’ll be glad to see how we can help!


SECOND -> Dove can help your company to setup remote desktop connection to your office computer, or we can offer company virtual desktop in the cloud (DAAS, WAAS).  Both solution allow users to connect to the office from anywhere which has internet connection.


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